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Web Responsive Design Case Study

Information Architecture
Style Guide
UI Design


This website is drive leads and traffic from this website to their E-commerce website.


iVigil requested BV USA to design and execute a website with detailed information about t their company, policies, products and topics. It was act as a sales tool to attract new clients to their E-commerce website. iVigil is a leading manufacturer of CCTV products, supplying major distributors and resellers in the global marketplace.  

User Persona

NAME: Michael Robinson

AGE: 32




Michael is a sales rep working in the security industry. He started in marketing and moved into sales one he realized he has a knack for generating leads. He works hard but loves to forget about work home and spend time with his dog Milo. He also loves to travel and has moved a few times over the past couple years. He worked hard to get where he is today and is ambitious.


  • To spend more time working on his health and fitness.

  • Wants to see a certain number in his savings account.

  • Wants to travel more and explore sights with Milo.


Security Equipment


Mobile Apps

Social Networks


They already had a E-commerce website where all the purchases happened (above).


  1. Sales teams would receive many calls asking questions or clarifications about products and services.

  2. E-commerce platform was just overwhelmingly busy with their multiple products and so users would rarely search to find the information they wanted on the website.

  3. The copy was not reliable and the UI too overwhelming to the eye.


We decided we needed to simplify the process and the interface into one page website for all the important details, without touching the existing one. I created a simple Wordpress website that was more cleaner, simpler and efficient. This would be the go-to for customers, partners, and users to read about iVigil but to keep the payment more secure, it would be linked to a more complicated, secure, Magento E-commerce website that already had heavy traffic.

I planned the information architecture, typography and the color scheme integrating it with the already existing branding of iVigil to make sure the buyers have another source of information. 

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