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UI Design

 Visual Design

BV USA was in the process of creating an app with a team in Taiwan for their customers to connect with the surveillance products. In the middle of the project I was asked to created a logo and some missing UI elements adhering to the style already set by the original designer and UI/UX team, specific to the aesthetic they wanted to keep for consistency. 


The app also needed branding. So before I started the UI design, I created a logo for application in Apple store and Google Play. The logo seen at the top left corner is a vector creation incorporating a shield to represent the security and a lens for the live feed aspect. During the ideation about the visual design, the team decided not to keep the logo flat icon and instead wanted to see more depth created through color, shadows, and highlights. 

Primary Logo

App Icon



UI Design

I also created design elements such as the iconography for the recording (Rewind, Play, Stop, Fast Forward) and the layout for the Home screen and Dashboard and how the four cameras feeds would be experienced. 

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 2.png
Artboard 2.png
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